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Our highly-secure Digital Lending Platform offers a configurable approach that lenders use to dramatically reduce time to market – and benefit from early proof of value.

  • Modular, cloud-native, flexible solution
  • Best of breed security
  • Scalable cloud-native SaaS enables fast innovation
  • Easy API integration into lender systems
  • Outstanding customer experience modernizes your brand
  • Cost effective, staged implementation lowers risk
  • Rapid implementation has you up and running in weeks

How it works

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Years to market? Months to market? Weeks to market? What’s your experience of technology implementation?

Working closely with your executive sponsor and implementation team, Ranqx’s streamlined process ensures you can be in market in as little as 8 weeks (subject to your specific requirements).

You’ll start to experience the benefits of truly digital lending sooner than you could imagine.


By design, Ranqx’s services are highly secure. Resilience, security, privacy and availability are at the core of everything we do.

As a matter of standard practice we regularly test our people, systems and processes to ensure that our resistance to security threats is second-to-none. Independent third-party reviews are also undertaken.


Ranqx uses enterprise-grade best practices to protect our customers’ data.

Continuous Security Control Monitoring

Ranqx uses Drata’s automation platform to continuously monitor 100+ internal security controls across the organisation against the highest possible standards.

Automated alerts and evidence collection allows Ranqx to confidently prove its security and compliance posture any day of the year, while fostering a security-first mindset and culture of compliance across the organization.

Employee Training

Security is a company-wide endeavour. All employees complete an annual security training programme and employ best practices when handling customer data.

Penetration Tests

Ranqx works with industry-leading security firms to perform annual network and application layer penetration tests.

Secure Software Development

Ranqx uses a variety of manual and automatic data security and vulnerability checks throughout its software development lifecycle.

Data Encryption

Data is encrypted both in-transit using TLS, and at rest.

Vulnerability Disclosure Program

If you believe you’ve discovered a bug in Ranqx’s security, please get in touch at Our security team promptly investigates all reported issues.