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The most powerful financial benchmarking and customer feedback comparisons on the planet

Simple yet mighty, we combine financial performance and customer feedback data in one awesome place. Say hello to up-to-date industry averages, customer insights and profit forecasting. No more guesswork with this time-saving, money-making game changer.

Ranqx makes the complex simple, comparing your company performance with your industry average using visuals like this

business benchmarking

Why choose Ranqx?


Compare financials

Quickly, easily and securely link your accounting data to Ranqx for valuable ‘business versus industry’ comparisons.


Live customer feedback

Drop a logo onto the customer feedback survey and enjoy unlimited responses in real time.



No one else can see your data, and you will never know who in your industry you’re comparing to.



That’s right, the world’s most affordable benchmark results are always-on to view as they update.

So, how can Ranqx help you?


Take your business up a notch with Ranqx – easy, fast financial benchmarking. With the latest data, profit forecasting and customer feedback, you’ll see where you stand, what needs improvement and how to take your business to the next level.

What’s not to love?



Engage your clients with the most up-to-date financial benchmarking on the market. It’s driven by easy accounting software integration and packed with fresh data, visual reports, industry comparisons, and profit forecasting.




Banks deploy Ranqx to powerful effect in two areas. Relationship teams leverage up-to-date financial and industry data to get closer to their business customers. Then credit management harnesses the financial data as an early warning system to reduce risk and drive internal business process improvements.



Ranqx is helping businesses of all sizes get ahead

  • Damian Wyatt - Southbrook Hire
    Damian Wyatt -
    Southbrook Hire

    Learn how Damian is pinpointing where he can reduce his operating costs.

    “It’s definitely the best benchmarking tool.”
  • Wayne Findlay from Findlay and Co. Chartered Accountants
    Wayne Findlay - Findlay & Co Chartered Accountants

    Wayne explains how he’s adding value for clients and growing his advisory.

    “It’s really easy to set up for our clients, it links to Xero and our clients love it.”
  • ASB and Ranqx
    Arran McLaughlin, Business Manager, ASB Bank, New Zealand

    See how Arran is using Ranqx to get closer to his business customers.

    “It’s really nice to have some tangible current data.”