How’s Your Business Doing?

Ranqx makes Business Intelligence easy for Businesses, Accountants, Franchisors, Industry Associations and Banks.

Ranqx is the only online business that integrates Financial performance and Customer feedback data into one place – and it’s even live. This valuable real time information helps business owners make better decisions about running their business. You can easily share your data with trusted business advisors so they too can help your business improve.

How Ranqx helps

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Ranqx – fast, easy, affordable, secure and anonymous

How are you doing?

Access powerful business information that lets you know how you perform. Share your results with staff or trusted business advisors.

Know the numbers

How are you performing against others in your industry? Are you doing better when it comes to sales, managing costs and generating profit – or not? Load your financials manually, or securely connect to your online accounting software provider such as Xero to see how you anonymously compare to industry averages.

Improve the customer experience

Happy customers are loyal customers. Simple, easy and fast customer feedback surveys allow you to identify what you need to do to be the ideal supplier. Connect with your customers via email, quick response (QR) codes or URL links.

Great for charity

Ranqx increases survey responses by allowing your customers to support charities of your choice. While you gain valuable feedback, every response can help a charity.

Charity incentives allow you to nominate up to 3 charities to support. As customers complete your survey, they vote for the charity they’d like you to support. You set the maximum amount you want to donate and at the end of the survey period, make donations to the relevant charities.

Easy to use

Log in anywhere, anytime to see results and dashboards. Surveys are quick and easy to deploy and results are easily shared. Comparing and improving your business has never been easier.

For Businesses

For Partners

Help your clients grow their business