Grow your bank’s small business lending with Ranqx


Businesses can find it hard to get the cash they need when they need it.  Too much red tape and tough terms can mean the cost isn’t worth the effort, and many banks struggle to offer a seamless experience.

Our mission at Ranqx is to help banks to solve this problem, by quickly and securely offering an automated and integrated online loan application process to its business customers.



 For Banks

Ranqx speeds up and simplifies the data capture and assessment processes that banks have previously used to collect information about businesses. Integrations with a range of APIs do all the heavy lifting to ensure your customers enjoy a quick and easy experience, and that you get all the information you need to make high quality lending decisions.


The Ranqx platform offers solutions throughout the loan management supply chain


Why us?

Ranqx uses a modern solution architecture and an iterative approach to deliver a modular, customisable platform that banks can use to dramatically reduce time to market and show early proof of value.


Speed to market entry

Grow market share

Get closer to your customers

Value-driven implementations

Outstanding customer experience

Range of finance product options

Streamline process and reduce cost to serve

Modular, white labelled solution

Secure and reliable data sources