easy, up-to-date benchmarking

See how you’re really doing and where to improve

Confidentially compare your business results against the industry benchmark to see how you’re performing. Connect your accounting software to keep financial comparisons up-to-date. Run live customer feedback surveys all the time, and identify the smart improvements needed to stay ahead of the pack.

Why choose Ranqx?

Data-driven insights

Get an accurate understanding of your business performance with data updated daily.

Industry comparisons

Quickly see how you compare against businesses like yours, then use the data to improve.


Secure yet simple integration via Xero, MYOB AccountRight Live or QuickBooks Online.


Fast reports with simple visual industry comparisons at the click of a button.

No more guesswork

Make decisions with confidence to achieve the results you’re after.

Keep customers coming back

Easily find out what customers think, tweak your business, then ask again.

So, here’s how easy it is…

What our customers are saying

  • Damian Wyatt - Southbrook Hire
    Damian Wyatt -
    Southbrook Hire

    Learn how Damian is pinpointing where he can reduce his operating costs.

    “It’s definitely the best benchmarking tool.”