About Ranqx

About Us

Helping businesses grow with simple financial benchmarking

Ranqx is the brainchild of a team of inquisitive, perceptive and widely experienced senior business leaders, strategists, accountants and marketers with a love of helping businesses to improve and grow.  And while it’s certainly true that most owners do wish to grow, we’ve learnt from experience that many struggle to know where to start that journey.

What should they do to improve their lot? Where should they focus their efforts?

One of the central issues for many small and medium-sized businesses is the lack of understanding about their current performance compared to businesses like them. Providing businesses this ability to compare is where Ranqx delivers.

It simply enables any business – irrespective of industry, size, location, age or stage – to see how it performs compared to other similar businesses.  And recognising the vital part that advisors and bankers play in business success has driven us to provide specific solutions for these key partners as well.


How does my financial performance compare? How satisfied are my customers? Am I managing my financials well? Answering these types of questions starts the cycle of improvement for any business owner. And Ranqx is unique in allowing you to compare both financial performance as well as customer feedback in a single place.

Ranqx’s quick, easy and up-to-date performance benchmarking represents outstanding value for business owners. It’s our way of helping aspirational business owners to improve their growth results.

We’ve put our heart and soul into Ranqx, and by finding it, we know you share our passion to compare and improve your business.